10 Things ~I Currently Wish For~

Ooh Baby: James & Chloe | Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia
13 January 2011
Ooh Baby: Little Song Teng | Desa ParkCity | Kuala Lumpur
24 January 2011

A beautiful single-story bungalow with an even prettier (big) flower garden.

I’ll have the windows go all the way down near the floor so we get plenty of fresh sunlight pouring into the house throughout the day.

Then I can take pretty pics of my lil girl just like Sheye did here with hers. *click image to go to her blog*

Then I can take pretty pics of my lil' girl just like Sheye did here with her Ivy. *click image to go to her blog*

Besides that, a bigger house means more space for us. I can have my own studio corner, the hubby can have his own private room for his hobby stuffs, our Tinker Bell will have her own playroom to have tea parties & sleep-overs with her friends, and mum will have her own bedroom without having to face all the clutters from all our belongings & keep-sakes.

We love to have friends over & entertain them with food & drinks & happy chit-chats. Our garden will have a BBQ corner for late afternoon parties, and during the evening, we’ll chill with wine & beer in our cosy living room. *sigh*

Oh! And we’ll have a spacious store-room to keep our collections of props, car parts and things sentimental to us. Yes yes… how I wish!

That my dad is still around, enjoying being a grandpa to our little Tinker Bell. He’ll definitely be spoiling her rotten but that’s just what grandparents are supposed to be, aren’t they?

That I could rid this great disappointment & anger inside me for good. This awful feeling is growing & I’m at a lost of what to do to keep it under control.

That one day I’ll see & experience real snow.

I’ll want to dance & sing & laugh while the snow drops onto my face. I’ll want to share this special moment with my love ones, especially seeing the excitement on my Tinker Bell’s face and hearing her giggles & chuckles. We’ll be freezing but happiness will warm us up long enough before we head indoor for some hearty warm chocolate drinks & delicious cookies and cakes.

That I have the gift of seeing, thinking, creating all things pretty & happy.

The ability to decorate/manage our home to make it feel “homely”, pretty and happy. The ability to ALWAYS say something sweet & meaningful & happy. The ability to dress up, not necessarily fashionable but just to a level of being pretty & happy. And many more… I always find myself trying so hard in this department. *sigh*

That there is such thing as real magic and I’m a witch, a good (and wise) witch of course. 😉

Then I’ll use my wand to continue all my editing work while I attempt at “pretty-fying” the house, spend more time with my Tinker Bell and do other things for myself. This means I won’t be constantly falling behind deadlines & have my clients chasing me day & night. Well… I could get an assistant but finding one isn’t as easy as I’d thought. Hopefully I’ll find one soon, but heck, a magic wand wins any day, right? 😀

A breakaway trip to the European countryside during Spring time, and later back again during Fall.

Places like Switzerland, a cheese & chocolate producing land, OR Sweden, one of the top 10 happiest country in the world, Luxembourg, worlds richest country!

A fridge that is constantly filled with dark chocolate ice creams and cakes which will never run out.

That I will  NEVER EVER gain even a single ounce whenever I consume those ice creams & cakes.

Constant kisses & “I Love You”s from my Tinker Bell & hubby until eternity.

DISCLAIMER: These are just my wishful thinking, during one of those days when I’m in the mood of wishing & dreaming & wanting & yearning. No intention was meant for anything otherwise. *peace sign*

Bye! Till we meet again...

Bye! Till we meet again...

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