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27 December 2010
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6 January 2011

Wow… in just a few more hours, we’re entering 2011! This year sure zooms by in a flash for me. I guess it happens that way when you’re always so busy. So many happenings & unforeseen ordeals came into our lives this year. Along with them, came memories & lessons which made us grow and kept us stronger.

Here’s a quick flash back of my 2010…


My photography business had gotten more bookings ever since the launch of this new web-blog. There was a time when I kept praying for the possibility of an enquiry email right before I open my email, and the Lord has answered my prayers ten times over! Thank you, dear Lord! And thank you to YOU whom had taken the time to write in & shown an interest in my photography services. 🙂

I had my first ever outstation assignment for portraiture. It was to the beautiful island of Penang to capture Little Ryleigh’s special moments with her family.

My little girl finally got to meet her two cousins from the U.S this year.

Haley with her cousins having some pool fun!

Haley with her cousins having some pool fun!


Family photo by my fabulous sister-in-law, the person behind Jennifer Tai Photo Artistry

Family photo by my fabulous sister-in-law, the person behind Jennifer Tai Photo Artistry

The Tan’s Family finally got to celebrate the Chinese New Year together as one big family after some 5 long years being apart from each other.

One of my bestest girlfriend finally brought her Greek husband home to Malaysia. They had their marriage blessed in the family church and I got to share those moments with her!

My maternal cousin & an old friend had each found their lifetime partner & tied the knot. Gabriel & Daniel! Hope married life is treating you well. 😉


I finally had my eye-sight corrected with an epi-lasik surgery. I have an almost 20-20 vision now. I still have a small degree of astigmatism on my left eyes. Ah well… At least I don’t need glasses anymore!

Haley & I celebrated our birthdays together with the family at the fabulous Pangkor Laut Resort. We had a blast, thanks to the outstanding services by the resort as well as the friendship extended to us by some of the staffs there.

My baby girl is now a toddler!

My baby girl is now a toddler!


The craziness of shooting & editing amidst mommy duties continued. But I am blessed to have made great friends out of my clients. Thank you so much for your friendship, dearest Daphine & Foong Yee! 😀

Three ladies met-up with a mind boggling goal to achieve. Gina & Mei Yoong! Remember our first meet-up for G.O.L? 😛


I had my first & ONLY scuba diving trip this year. It was wonderful to be back in the deep blue at Layang-Layang Island! I’m blessed to be able to meet & spend time with my old comrades there. I love you all! Oh! Not forgetting the absolutely gorgeous sunset! I kept counting my lucky stars to be able to document some beautiful moments there. Our Little Haley had a blast exploring the little island & get to know where her mummy used to live & work.

I had my long overdue dentist check-up in Muar this year. It was years since my last check-up and I’m lucky to have a dear friend who owns his own dentistry practice there. It was an adventure for mom, Haley & I, driving down to Muar & back. Thank you for the check-up & lunch, Rick! We did some shopping along our way back to KL. Fresh mussels & la-la! Must make a trip down to Muar again soon.

We finally had our own family moments captured this year. Thank you Zach!


I got to see my little clients from last year & document their little moments again. Little Sophia & Shuen-Shuen have both grown beautifully! It’s always so heart-warming to be able to meet & spend more time with my little clients again.

Justin + Joo Lee = Gabriel & Charmaine

Justin + Joo Lee = Gabriel & Charmaine

Ras + Carol = Asyraff, Aimar & Rose!

Ras + Carol = Twins Asyraff and Aimar & BabyRose!

God decided it’s time for me to meet with my old old old friends and their families. Justin + Joo Lee and Carol, thank you so much for sharing your precious family moments with me. 😀 I’m so sorry we didn’t get to meet up again since your session but I’ll try to have a get-together with you & family again next year.


I made a trip back to my hometown Kuching & attended my high-school reunion dinner which turned out to be… well… let’s just say I’m sad cos most of my classmates whom were close to me were not in town, but at the same time I’m really happy to be seeing some of my teachers again. Thank you Eileen & Joanne, for making the night much more interesting & meaningful for me. 🙂

I met another childhood friend, Mommy J with her little family during my stay in Kuching. So happy we took the effort to finally meet-up after more than 10 yrs!

It was a crazy month with continuous shooting, traveling, editing & meetings for the Gift of Love Charity Bazaar!

The mommies behind G.O.L

The mommies behind G.O.L


I made a few more beautiful mommy-friends this month. My job is definitely a blessings! Thank you Iris and Helen, for taking the extra effort to know me as a person and as a friend to you. 🙂

I attended the first ever photography conference in Malaysia. Had some good fun with the industry peers and made some good friends along the way too. Thanks WPPM! 🙂


I’d dare say this month had been a month full of newborns! 😉

We had a very short break to Singapore during the Hari Raya Holidays. Met some friends & brought our girl, Haley to the Singapore Zoo for the first time. 🙂

Little Haley & Daddy in the Zoos Tram

Little Haley & Daddy in the Zoo's Tram

Haleys so happy when she saw the flamingoes!

Haley's so happy when she saw the flamingoes!

Gift of Love had our first interview with Sin Chew and we enjoyed the session very much. We also had other major newspapers covering our event namely TheStar, China Press & Parenthood Magazine. Our event kicked-off with an unexpected high response, especially at the photo-booth section.

Tropicana City Mall in Malaysia by Kay Bin Kow

We managed to collect more than RM8k from this charity drive. Very very thankful to have a strong support team. Especially when everyone involved was doing it on a volunteer basis. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


Another outstation portraiture assignment and this time it’s to Seremban. Thank you Cheryl, for your friendship & the opportunities to document your special moments. I still owe you the photos and will try to get them done for you ASAP.

Tis another month filled with photo sessions, play classes for Haley and final planning for my beloved cousin’s wedding.

One of my best friend from high school came back to Malaysia, bringing her new British husband along to meet her relatives & friends. Wish we could spend more quality time together but it was beautiful to share her happy moments back in Kuching! Congrats Rachel!


This is a bitter sweet month for me!

My closest cousin sister (she’s the sister I never had) finally got married to her beloved. It was an emotional week for all of us.

Another one of my best-ies girlfriend got hitched this month. Congrats Lynette and here’s wishing you a happy life with Leo in the U.S!

I was suffering from knee pain for several months, making it hard for me to walk up & down steps as well as crouch or kneel comfortably. Finally went for an MRI and doctor told me it’ll require an arthroschopy and about 2-3 months to heal. Am still healing after the surgery and I’m praying hard that I’ll be A-Okay before Chinese New Year 2011!

A week before my knee surgery, I lost my footing on my way back to my car after a baby session. My small toe bone was fractured towards the end where it’s attached to the tendon near my ankle. I was on crutches for about 2 weeks. I had to postpone/reschedule my photo sessions but am really lucky to have some very understanding clients. 🙂 Am currently still limping from both the leg & knee injuries.

My left leg was swollen for weeks!

My left leg was swollen for weeks!

Despite my injuries, I continued with the Christmas Mini-Session at my home studio and we had some happy fun. 🙂


The Family & I finally had a chance to spend some quality time together at Pangkor Laut Resort again. It was a trip full of dramas but we’re happy nevertheless.

I decided to take this month a little slower mainly for a few important things.

  1. To prepare for Christmas. Shopping for groceries, food preparation, shopping for gifts, cleaning the house, etc.
  2. Spend more quality time with my little Haley. She was showing signs of cling-iness and I believe she misses me as I’ve spent so little time since a few months back, burying myself in work mainly.
  3. Take some time off for “Me” time. I was at the verge of “burning out” and thanks to my dear friends and family, I was reminded on what are my priorities once again. I was sick a lot this year due to lack of sleep & rest. So, I’m pretty adamant at keeping my stress level down this month and just CHILL. Heck, my body, my soul, my creative mind, ALL needs a rest & positive boost before it all breaks down.
  4. My doctors’ appointments for my leg and thyroid. Everything is going on the positive side! 😀

So there… my 2010 filled with so many happenings & dramas and such! 😛 I would like to express my deepest gratitude & love to my family, friends and clients for filling up my life this year. 🙂 I will cherish all the laughters & tears, the knowledge gained & shared, and most importantly the relationships gained & shared together with each & everyone of you. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

As for what will be waiting for me & you in 2011, well… let’s just prepare ourselves with all things good and the not so good. 😉 Plan your year and try your best to fulfill your dreams. Most importantly, cherish everything around you, cos without them, there is no you. 😉

What will be brewing in ALP’s world? Let’s just say there’s lots in the “I wish” and “I need” lists. And we’re going to try our very best to tick-off each & everything in the lists in 2011. Come and walk along with us in our adventures and dreams. 🙂

Here’s wishing you a 2011 filled with more happiness, good health and love!

KISSES & HUGS from me to you. xoxo

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