26th March 2009

Nature: Bird Park l Kuala Lumpur l Malaysia
24 March 2009
How It's Been So Far…
4 April 2009

Our little girl, Haley Tan Hui Min, is bornt on this day which is ALSO my birthday. 🙂 Her name means “A Beautiful & Intelligent Heroine”.

I had to go through an emergency C-Section as my cervix couldn’t dilate despite a very good & strong contraction cycle after 7 long hrs of labor.

I was lucky to have darling with me in the O.T. and when baby Haley came out, we were ecstatic! She was 4.12 kg heavy and that is considered a reaallllyyy BIG BABY! Lucky thing I went thru C-Section rather than natural birth. Phew…

Okay… many will ask WHO does she take after… well… here’s our current conclusion from several of our friends’ comments.

Overall she looks like darling Francis. She has darling’s cheeks, mouth, fingers and toes. I personally think she has my nose and my hair thickness although her hair style follows daddy. Ah well… they say babies changes in features from month to month, so let’s see how much she’ll change next month!

Anyway… here are her pics at 7-days old. I’ll take more once I’m healed and can be more mobile.

Will update more later on what we’ve gone through ever since her arrival into our little family. 🙂

Dear Lord Almighty, we praise & thank you Lord, for the safe arrival of our little girl, Haley, into our little family. She’s the best birthday gift one can have and we pray that You will guide us to be the best parents she can ever have. AMEN.

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