3R – Respect, Relax & Respond, Season 13

Our Wedding Vow
14 November 2007
Wedding Day – "Heng Tai"s & "Chee Mui"s
19 November 2007

I’ll be on Berita Harian newspaper today! On print, not online though… And on TV this coming Sunday too! Channel TV3 on 3R tv programme, 7.30pm.

3R (13th Season) - DOVE Campaign for Beauty 2007

Photo by Anna Rina

Thanx to Grace, I was called for an interview for 3R (13th Season) show, 2 months back. DOVE is sponsoring this new season which will portray the meaning of beauty through the selected female candidates who will be highlighted in each series. And to my surprise, I was selected as one of the girls!

Well… I had to do a video shoot & a photography shoot for the short clip. And I was given a list of questionaires for the Berita Harian advertorial. It was pretty easy. Although I’ve to admit I was very nervous when I was infront of the camera & video-camera. It made me appreciate more of how my friends & other people had felt when I took their photos.

Ah well… it was fun! An experience!

To see the video clip & advertorial, visit this link on 3R – TV Programme website. Be kind, please don’t laugh and I hope you’ll enjoy the simple clip!

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