A Fairy’s Gift

Pyjamas Cuteness
15 April 2014
A Mother’s Hope
30 April 2014


A little update on what’s going on in my world lately. I’ve been facing some physical issues due to my occupational hazard and I am being treated now by a professional. Too much bad postures over the years during shooting sessions and sitting too long for editing has caused me much pain lately on spinal joints. But I’m glad I’m on the mend, although it’ll take much change on my work routine as well as dedication for self healing.

We’re in the midst of training a new fulltime digital artist to handle our editing line and hopefully she will be up & ready to tackle on our editing dues full force by end May. We aim to bring back our delivery term to maximum 3 weeks, if not 2 weeks. 🙂 And we shall make it happen for sure! In the mean time, I am still working around the clock to lessen our editing backlogs so please bear with me until we are all sorted out soon.

Finally, we are in the midst of planning on some projects in the second half of 2014, focusing hopefully on a workshop (or two) and one charity event. I am also doing a personal project dedicating to my family this year and nothing gives me that much needed inspirational creative boost by doing such project. I will reveal it when it’s done. 😉

Meanwhile, we’re still open for photography sessions (both indoor studio & outdoor) in second half of May 2014 and onwards. Hurry book a slot with us before the slots are all gone. 🙂 Our newborn sessions are selling fast too for the next coming few months, so if you’re pregnant now, do book early as our newborn slots are limited to 3 slots per month only. 😉

Thank you for visiting us here & we love you very much!