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I am a Malaysian female photographer based in Kuala Lumpur/Selangor that loves any kind of photography listing from nature to skyscrapers, ESPECIALLY portraitures for newborn babies, toddlers, pregnant families, couples & families as well as casual events.

I am also an avid scuba diver which enables me to capture amazing underwater images from all around the world.

This blog follows both my professional life (as well as) some of my personal life, featuring MOMENTS from the maternity & newborn sessions, beautiful people I managed to capture with my lens, the places I travel and the friends and family members that mean so much to me.

This blog will also serve as my photography website, featuring my work & information of available services from yours truly. 🙂

I hope this blog will also be a source of inspiration and education for other photographers. May my work help you to boost your creative juices & continue to strive for originality in your work, unique to your own style. 🙂

This site is a little more informal and I just want to give everyone a sense of who I am, and what I am all about. Do feel absolutely free to leave comments or post questions. You can also contact me for other booking enquiries. Thank you for visiting and REMEMBER to stay updated with Asther Lau Photography’s Blog by subscribing to our RSS feed!

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My Origin

A native of the Land of the Hornbills, self-taught Malaysian photographer Asther Lau grew up surrounded by the splendor of nature that is one of the world’s oldest tropical forests the jungles of Sarawak in the island of Borneo. As such, she was nurtured to love both flora and fauna from a very young age.

Asther discovered a passion for scuba diving and photography, and she gave up a career in advertising to vigorously pursue both loves, becoming an accomplished scuba instructor and underwater photographer in a matter of years.

Asther’s creative philosophy is simple: treat every special and precious moment as if it is her own, whether it is a wedding, the birth of an infant or a simple get-together of family and friends.

While underwater photography will always be her first love, Asther’s growing body of work, including portraiture and film photography, exemplifies her continuing personal commitment to perfecting the art of digital photography.

Asther lives with her husband, her precious little girl, Haley and her mum who loves growing a small nursery of orchids at her home in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Photo by Wong Sze Ming

My Philosophy

Photography to me is about connecting with people and helping people connect with the art of photography.

Whether it’s your pregnancy or a baby’s first moon or just another seemingly ordinary, humid Malaysian day you get to spend with your family, it is a day that will, too, pass and one we will want to remember for time immemorial.

Nothing illustrates for me the preciousness of time than the days before my father’s passing. What I wouldn’t give to have the chance to capture all those moments before he left so suddenly to be with the Lord. This loss reinforced my belief that photography can be crucial to each of us in ways more meaningful than we can anticipate.

Photography should also be natural, a way to capture life as it is. While studio photography has its merits, capturing my subjects in their natural habitats, their natural states, in their everyday comings and goings, is where the most precious moments are hidden. Together, I hope to discover and capture these moments with you.

So do write in today, talk about you, your family and how we can make memories together!

Photo © Asther Lau

My Story

Asther has been photographing children and families since 2008 using natural light. She did mainly on-location shoots outdoor or semi-indoor at clients' home (if natural light is sufficient).

Towards the end of 2013, ALP finally launched a new natural light studio situated in the vicinity of Subang Jaya. This enables free & easy sessions for families with much younger babies in the comfort of our studio with comfortable home ambiance.

Our specialities:

  • Newborn Photography
  • Pregnancy/Maternity Photography
Family Photography
Children Photography
  • Children 
Fashion/Model Photography
Underwater/Water Play Photography
  • Lifestyle Portraits Photography (for couples & singles)

We aim for a carefree, enjoyable time with our clients on each session. We let the children dictate the session; basically let them play and be themselves throughout the session.

We aim to document every moments that transpire from each session, be it laughing, cuddling, crying, throwing tantrum or just enjoying each other's company.

We also do themed shoots for both outdoor & studio sessions, with some minor posing and minimalist props to make the entire intended theme work for each shot. 
Just let us know if you require our styling services and we will provide you with a customize suggestion with quotaion.

Role playing can be fun for children, and as for babies, we just let them be their cute little selves. 😉

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We will try reply your emails on a daily basis, except on weekends & certain Public Holidays.

Our team consists of dedicated mothers & wives to our husbands and children, but we also love love love what we do here in ALP. 😀

Let us know if you're interested to have us HELP YOU make beautiful memories and document them for your keepsake, and we promise we will make it a happy memorable one, even if it's just for a short while. 😉

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