My Philosophy

Asther Lau


Photography to me is about connecting with people and helping people connect with the art of photography.

Whether it’s your pregnancy or a baby’s first moon or just another seemingly ordinary, humid Malaysian day you get to spend with your family, it is a day that will, too, pass and one we will want to remember for time immemorial.

Nothing illustrates for me the preciousness of time than the days before my father’s passing. What I wouldn’t give to have the chance to capture all those moments before he left so suddenly to be with the Lord. This loss reinforced my belief that photography can be crucial to each of us in ways more meaningful than we can anticipate.

Photography should also be natural, a way to capture life as it is. While studio photography has its merits, capturing my subjects in their natural habitats, their natural states, in their everyday comings and goings, is where the most precious moments are hidden. Together, I hope to discover and capture these moments with you.

So do write in today, talk about you, your family and how we can make memories together!

Photo © Asther Lau