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29 October 2014
Boy or Girl
28 November 2014

Oh wow! It’s November already!

I have been too caught up with the peak season that I totally forgot it has been ONE YEAR since we launched our natural light studio in Subang Jaya! And boy oh boy, what a journey it has been! It took months for us to settle a workable routine for us to manage the studio & all the sessions done there. I spent countless of hours in the studio, trying to make it as comfortable, functional and beautiful all at once.

We’re really thankful for the many many beautiful memories created & captured there together with our beloved clients. We have had wonderful reviews from our clients too, including from the little ones after they visited us at the studio. Many of them told their parents that they wish to return to the studio again.

Our studio has been designed with comfort, love, and happiness in mind. And we’re really proud of it. Especially when it has been a place for many families to spend quality time together, sharing their love & happiness for each other.

Recently, I it dawned onto me that most of the little ones that came to our studio left with a wonderful memory in their minds and hearts. And it is not because of how the studio is designed to be… but it is because of the moments they have had there with their loved ones. Our studio has become a sanctuary for these little ones who constantly crave for time and love from their parents. Having a good time and having their parents focusing mainly on them, strictly without distractions such as handphones, work and house chores was what these children wanted most.

Hence the reason why they remember our studio & kept asking to return back!

Baby V (ALP Studio, 2014)

Little V was wearing a bunny suit made by Dmie Crochet Shop

Baby M (ALP Studio, 2014)

Newborn M nice & comfy in a wrap, with a beautiful flower adorning her sweetness.

The Wong's Family (ALP Studio, 2014)

One of our vendor, Sze Ming, goofing with his beloved brother and father. 😉

Little C (ALP Studio, 2014)

Happy Little C

The Wee's Family (ALP Studio, 2014)

The Wee’s siblings returned for their annual portrait session with me, this time at the studio. Oh how much they’ve grown!

Little N (ALP Studio, 2014)

Little N enjoying a phone chat with his secret love. 😉

Little S (ALP Studio, 2013)

Oh that cute tiptoe kiss!

Baby M (ALP Studio, 2014)

Baby M’s enjoying mummy’s milky goodness while daddy snuggled up with mummy. 😉

J & J (ALP Studio, 2014)

Superhero J giving his super power kiss to pretty mummy!

D & D (ALP Studio, 2014)

Super Mummy Nippon, who is also our awesome studio interior designer!

S & Family (Baby Bump, 2014)

Little V & beautiful Mummy S. I’ve known them since her mummy & daddy were engaged!

I have to thank my wonderful team of colleagues for supporting me & helping ALP grow to how it is today.

Kien (my PA) has been the “voice” of ALP, patiently replying to all emails and enquiries that pour in each day. She manages my colorful calendars, trying her best to help me fill-in my shooting slots while making sure I have time for my personal life as well as to manage the company. She is my alarm clock when there are things due in my to-do-list. Oh my life is a lot better organized now because of her! I will share with you about how awesome she is in another blog post. 😉

April (my studio assistant) arrives way early before a studio session begins, making sure the studio is in order and preparing some snacks for our clients to refresh themselves throughout their sessions. She helps me entertain our little clients in hope of getting some giggles and smiles out of their cute little faces. She is always very attentive to our mummies, making sure their hair is nicely done and their attires are beautifully set before each shot. Most importantly, I can leave the studio in the end of the day with a calm mind knowing she will help take care of the studio for me. Yes… I will share more about her in another blog post. 😉

And there’s Jessie, Aaron, Joe, Aaron, Sue, Sze Ning and Michelle who are there for me whenever I need some extra hands to get things going in my crazy life! Words can’t describe how much I treasure you all. We’re overdue for another ALP get-together! Rooftop BBQ perhaps? After all this peak season craziness is over that is… 😉

I’m also very honored to be working with super awesome vendors who have been supporting ALP with their beautiful products and services. Sze Ming & Darren from WCA Fine Arts, Jared from Simplr, Cammie from Dmie Crochet Shop, Lee Kuen & Shannon, our make-up artists and many more beautiful people too long to be listed down here. But you know who you are… cos each of you have a special place in my thankful heart.

And last but not least! Thank you so so so much to all our past and existing clients for supporting us till today. Your kindness, your thoughts & understanding, your support are why we continue to work very very hard to bring happiness and good memories to you & your families.

Here’s to more beautiful moments together at the studio and everywhere else! 🙂