ALP’s Birthday Contest – Voting Begins!

“To Sacrifice, To Love” by Stephen Wong
19 March 2010
Travel: Earth Hour 2010
27 March 2010

Voting is now closed & will be announcing the winner soon! But you already know that! 😉

Hello everyone! 😀

Sorry for the lack of postings lately. Had been really busy with several deadlines before I went for my eye epi-lasik surgery on recent Monday. Since the surgery, I’ve been resting my eyes for a few days to encourage the healing process. It’s now Day 5 and I just had the protective contact lens removed few hours ago. My vision is still blurry at times and extremely sensitive to light source, and YES, writing this post is actually quite a challenge at the moment. 😉

Now back to the Asther Lau Photography’s Birthday Specials Contest! 😀

This contest nearly turned into a flop, really! Cos there was no entry what-so-ever for many days at the initial stage. Finally, upon the closing of deadline, we finally received three (yup… ONLY THREE) submissions for the contest. Hahaha… I was originally pretty disappointed with the response but upon talking it out with a fellow friend (who’s also a judge for this contest), we came to a few conclusions.

1. My blog readers/fans (in majority) do not like to write! 😛

2. We intend to continue the contest to honor those who’ve submitted their entries because they’ve sacrificed their time & effort to write their own entry. Since the title for this year’s contest is “To Sacrifice, To Love”, these contestants have sacrificed for the love of ALP’s work! So ALP want to thank them with some love back! 😀 Hehehe…

3. Since there are only three contestants,, each WILL WIN something from ALP as promised.

Okay… enough chitty-chatter about. Here’s the second stage of the contest whereby we’ll need YOUR vote to decide on who’s the ultimate winner for ALP’s FREE photo session. The person who gets the highest number of votes will be announced as the winner for the FREE photo session with ALP after voting is closed on the 26th March 2010. FYI, this date is my birthday together with my little girl, Haley. 😉 The remaining two contestants will automatically win ALP’s e-voucher worth RM100 each.

Here are the links to the three submissions. Would you be kind enough to go over & read them and then cast in your vote, please?

Entry by Irene Lim-Jesuthasan

Entry by Michael Cheo

Entry by Stephen Wong


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Thank you so much for your vote & do stay tuned for the winner announcement on our birthday! 😀 Meanwhile, I’ll try to post more cutie pictures in between the voting period. 😉

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