Baby Portraiture – Little Anya

Family Portraits – The C’s Sisters
20 June 2018
Family/Birthday Studio Portraiture – Little Felix
6 July 2018

I was going through my folders & folders of photo sessions done today, in hope to do some reorganizing and cleaning up. And I found this baby portrait session from last year which I wanna share with you guys. Little Anya’s parents prefer not to have their own photos shown on social media, so I’ll be sharing these cute little moments of Anya alone instead.

Loving the colors from this session in the studio, and oh those various little expressions that Little Anya managed to come up with for us to capture!
She was halfway into her cake smashing part of the session when she decided she’s had enough of the messy part. It was for her first birthday celebration and this was her first cake smashing experience. 😀

Ah missing those chubby rolls! Hehehe…