Travel: Bali July 2006 – Lesehan Meal

Travel: July 2006 – Road Trip l Bali l Indonesia
24 July 2006
Travel: Bali July 2006 – Underwater Photos
14 August 2006
During our road trip down south to our next holiday stay, we stopped by for lunch at a local store. We had Lesehan style dishes in a very localised unique way. Ironically, the suggestion to try this place came from a Mat Salleh who’s a staff at Tauch Terminal Resort. Thanx Robert!!!

The store is an open-air hut with ‘tables’ or platforms. We had to sit on these platforms. Yes… we’ve to take off our shoes before climbing up that platform.

Darling among the platforms

Then came the food. Oooohhh… they looked so simple yet WE LOVE IT! Fish satay… and plain soup local-style. Ate with rice and some green vegetables. Yummy! Ohhh… they’ve got local sambal too! They tasted some sort Chinese yet different. But very tasty indeed!

Simple BUT Tasty!

Darling Enjoying the Food

Food All Gone!
AND we were happy to add that the lunch was clean and ‘safe’ cos we DIDN’T have any unpleasant feeling later on!

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