Travel: July 2006 – Road Trip l Bali l Indonesia

Travel: Tulamben l Bali l Indonesia
13 July 2006
Travel: Bali July 2006 – Lesehan Meal
3 August 2006
During our road trip from Tulamben to our private villa stay in Gianyar, we passed by a few scenic places along the way. There were many padi fields, corn fields and lushful jungles in Bali. We managed to catch a glimpse of an old volcanoe too!


Rich jungle by the foot of an old volcanoe. (I can’t remember its name)

Padi Field

A valley of padi field.

Padi Field

Terraces of padi field up the mountain

Padi Field

Beautiful young green padi plants

Rural Area

“Kampung” houses

Washing Car

Washing vehicles by a river. Now you don’t see this often in Malaysia anymore!

Rural Area

Fire Extinguisher for Fuel Stations. So weird!

We stopped for a lunch break at a local stall for their local food called Lesehan. Will blog about this soon…

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