Behind The Scene: Underwater Pre-Wedding with Albert & Faye

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7 October 2009
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12 October 2009

I’ve been meaning to share with you my “behind-the-scene” photos and videos but did not do it until today. This is because I was waiting for the new blog to be launched which will enable my posting videos and slideshows without anymore restrictions. So the wonderful day finally came! Hahaha…

Let me share with you a video which was done by a fellow friend, Joey, during my shoot for Albert & Faye‘s underwater pre-wedding portraits. The first 2 1/2 mins of the video were in fast-forward mode, so please bear with me and continue watching till the end, ya! 😉

Since this shoot involves the element of water and requiring my couple to swim & hold their breaths underwater, I have to keep in mind the aspect of safety for everyone. I’ve gotten two safety support divers to assist us throughout the shoot. Everything was done in 3 hours, initially we had cloudy sky, then it rained for a while. We had bright sunny sky at the final hour of the shoot. We had so much fun that day! 😀

I would like to thank Joey and Nick for helping us out that day. Without you guys, it wouldn’t be as easy and as fun as it did that dat. CHEERS! 😉

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