8 January 2010

Project 365 (Year 2010): 08.01.2010

Location: KLPac Park When: During a shoot with Little Tiffany Note: This girl was given the chance to discover nature & she sure did a good […]
8 January 2010

Bump to Pop!: Janah + Marie = Sophia

One fine day, I received an email from Soon-to-be-Daddy J, enquiring for a maternity photo session with me. After a couple more emails & phone calls, […]
7 January 2010

Project 365 (Year 2010): 07.01.2010

Location: Sukawati, BALI. When: During our recent family + diving trip. Note: Plenty of wood works for sale and a local lady was sand-papering this one […]
6 January 2010

Project 365 (Year 2010): 06.01.2010

Location: Petaling Jaya When: Normal day at home. Note: My little mouse’s toys… Remember to subscribe to our RSS feed. TQ!
5 January 2010

Project 365 (Year 2010): 05.01.2010

Location: U.S.S.R Liberty Wreck, Tulamben, Bali. When: During our recent getaway dive + leisure trip to Bali. Note: Various forms of life growing & thriving well […]
5 January 2010

Poll: Your Baby & The Knock on the Head

Our Little Haley had had a fall recently & hit the back of her head hard onto the tiled floor. 🙁 And as expected, she cried […]
4 January 2010

Project 365 (Year 2010): 04.01.2010

Location: Selangor When: Baby Sophia’s first portrait session Note: No strobe/external flash used. I always use natural lighting for my baby photo sessions. 😉 Remember to […]
3 January 2010

A little more about me…

1. My ex… … is still my friend. 2. Maybe I should… … stop worrying. Que sera sera? 3. I love… … scuba diving and definitely […]