17 December 2007

Our Wedding Elements – Pitcher Plant

While planning for our wedding, I came up with a few ideas in “detailing” to customize the wedding. Each detail has a reference of who we are […]
23 November 2007

The "Pole Dance" Test

As promised… here’s the video of the pole dancing test planned out by my cheeky “Chee Mui”s for the ever sporting “Heng Tai”s. BE WARNED. YOU […]
19 November 2007

Our Bands of LOVE

Asther, this ring I give to you as a token of my love and devotion to you. I pledge to you all that I am and […]
19 November 2007

Wedding Day – "Heng Tai"s & "Chee Mui"s

10th November 2007… Our Wedding Day… I woke up at 6am, showered & took a very light breakfast of MILO drink with some biscuits. While I […]
17 November 2007

3R – Respect, Relax & Respond, Season 13

I’ll be on Berita Harian newspaper today! On print, not online though… And on TV this coming Sunday too! Channel TV3 on 3R tv programme, 7.30pm. […]
14 November 2007

Our Wedding Vow

Photo by Grace Tan ” I, Francis  /  Asther, take you, Asther  /  Francis, to be my wife / husband, my partner in life and my […]
12 November 2007

We Are Now ONE

I’m now officially MARRIED! Both Civil & in Church. Yup… I’m now Mrs Tan! Photo courtesy of Mike D. It was a beautiful day. A Beautiful wedding. […]
1 September 2007

Event: Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 l Putrajaya l Malaysia

Been spending time with mummy… Went grocery shopping lots of time cos we just bought a new-bigger fridge as our old one “died” on us recently. […]