12 July 2007

Giant Frogfish

Photo © Asther Lau. All Rights Reserved. Ugly but at the same time Cute! More info @ Wikipedia or just Google it! Remember to subscribe to […]
5 July 2007

We're Getting Married

“Alaasss…”, “Finally!”, “It’s about time!” Yup… those were the responses we got when we slowly spread the news among our circle of friends & relatives. Well… […]
22 June 2007

My Family

Family life is full of major and minor crises — the ups and downs of health, success and failure in career, marriage, and divorce — and […]
6 June 2007

New Toy – Now I Love RAW

Thanks to a dear friend, I finally have the easiest RAW conversion software which gives me far more flexibility to “play” with my RAW files. Previously, […]
20 April 2007

My First BIG Sell!

Yeah! My best earning so far from a photo taken in Redang last year. Sad part is… I’ve sold the rights to the photo, so can’t […]
26 March 2007

Travel: Lembeh & Bunaken Islands 2007 l Manado l Indonesia

Photos from Bunaken… Clownfish Pair John with his dear DSLR set-up Whip Coral Colony Reef full of anthias Krazie Angel Photos from Lembeh… Juvenile Flying Gurnard […]
26 March 2007

Eve of 30…

Happy Birthday to me… Happy Birthday to me… Happy Birthday to meeee… Happy Birthday to me! Hehehe… for the first time I actually “celebrate” my own […]
19 March 2007

Travel: Little Things Out There l Manado l Indonesia

Something light… two little creatures I met during my trip to Manado, Indonesia. Remember to subscribe to our RSS feed. TQ!