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31 December 2011
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8 February 2012

~ My very first post on ALP’s blog! Woot! 😀 Oh this is Su, Asther’s PA by the way and I have been handling email enquiries sent by you lovely clients. Can’t say I wasn’t nervous in the beginning – She does receive a lot of emails! Lol.. I was so worried I’d get clients mixed up or give them the wrong information but as days and weeks went by; I got the hang of it and what can I say? Gotta love having an awesome and understanding (not to mention very patient) boss. 😉

I’m a mummy of 3 – two boys and a lil girl. I’m lucky to know Asther and trust her enough to let her shoot my baby girl at 6 days old. I know how important it is to capture our kids’ moments as they do grow up very fast.

Ok enough about me.. Let’s move on to our new post and I sure hope you readers enjoy reading it (and all our future posts ;)) Cheers to all! ~

Mummy A contacted Asther months ahead for her “Bump to Pop!” sessions. Both N and A are very soft spoken & good natured people and the maternity session was done with them totally relaxed & calm throughout. 🙂

N & A - 2011

Mummy A giggled a lot whenever Asther cracked up a joke resulting in this nice shot 😉

N & A - 2011

Exuding warmth and love to their unborn child

N & A - 2011

Pretty mummy with her petite belly ^_^

N & A - 2011

Kisses for his lovely wife. Such a sweet couple 🙂

Their baby girl finally came into the world about a month later.

Baby S (2011)

She carries the same calm serenity of her parents' 😀

After a bath (she hates bathing for some reason) and a full feed, she went into a deep slumber and the entire newborn session was done with her sleeping soundly. Asther usually conducts her newborn sessions with the baby sleeping throughout the most part of the photo session. This is because posing a sleeping baby is much easier & more possible as compared to an awake baby. An awake newborn baby is usually very wriggly & tend to fuss for milk or to be held. Often than not, the newborns in Asther’s session will wake up some time so she’ll try to capture some “awake” shots as well. But this is usually without much/any posing done on the newborn. 😉

Baby S - 2011

In baby dreamland!

Baby S - 2011

Don't ya wana "bite" her? 😀

Baby S - 2011

Sweet baby!

Baby S - 2011

Comfortably hanging in there 😀

Baby S - 2011

Sweet Baby S with her warm and loving parents 🙂

Wishing Mummy A and Daddy N all the best with their little princess. Hope Baby S continues to carry that serenity and calmness in her. 🙂 Perhaps we could see more of her in the future? 😉

Oh and have you noticed the head bands worn on Baby S? (I know I have! Lol) These beautiful hand-made headbands used in this photo shoot was bought from Sew Whimsey by Asther. Go check it out!

Before signing off, we would like to send out a special thank you to Irene Lim who became our props assistant for the day 😀 Until our next post, remember to hug your loved ones today, tomorrow and every other day! 😉 Toodles!

xoxo, Su.

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