Studio Cake Smash & Family Portraits ♥ The Fs Siblings

Twins Newborn Portraits ♥ Caitlin & Celine
8 January 2019
Newborn Portraits ♥ Baby Iris
25 January 2019

I’ve been meaning to share this family studio photo session with you all and finally I got to do it today! This session took place back in end 2017   Time sure flies without I realize it!

I first met Big Sister FY when she was just about 1 yr young, during her first studio session with me. Imagine my surprise when Mummy B called me one day and announced that her family has grown! She wanted to book another photo session for her family, incorporating a cake smash activity in to celebrate her son’s first birthday coming soon.

She requested for a nautical theme setup for the cake smash decoration, and by chance I was decorating my new home and had just gotten new decors arrived. So we were lucky to have been able to do up the decor for her little boy.
It was also coming to Christmas season and our studio had quite a number of family sessions booked ahead, hence, we decided to come up with a special wall decor for a mini Christmas theme portrait sessions to be done.
Mummy B also came with a huge set of balloons and add on decorations to customize further her dream theme.

Needless to say, we ended up with quite a variety of shots for her family photos. Thankfully the kids were in good mood throughout the session *yay for well rested kids*

Time has passed but these memories still brings smiles to my face. Thank you for sharing your precious time with me, Mummy B and family.