25 January 2015

The Little Things…

Look at the little things around you… little things people do for you… little things your children did as they grow. They matter too.
22 January 2015

The World in His Eyes…

10 January 2015

To be a Great Man

5 January 2015

A Baby’s Needs…

4 January 2015

Be A Child…

31 December 2014

Good-Bye 2014

Ever since I’m a teenage girl, I hated saying goodbyes. I usually bid farewell by saying “See you again” instead. Goodbyes to me always mean changes […]
31 December 2014

In the Eyes of a Child

18 December 2014

You are my Rainbow…

♥♥♥ Dedicated to all parents of beautiful daughters. ♥♥♥