15 February 2010

Project 365 (Year 2010): Catching Up!

13.02.2010 Location: Home When: After her dinner. Note: My Little Mouse sweats so much these days, especially during meal times. This was taken after I tried […]
12 February 2010

Wedding: Yiannis + Alison l Petaling Jaya l Malaysia

Alison was my senior when we were working together in an advertising agency back in 2002/03, and our friendship strengthen throughout the years, even more so […]
28 January 2010

Project 365 (Year 2010): 28.01.2010

Location: Kuala Lumpur When: During Mark & Azwin’s wedding day Note: This photo reminds me that Chinese New Year is just round the corner and it’s […]
22 January 2010

Project 365 (Year 2010): 22.01.2010

Location: Phuket When: During darling’s company trip. Note: These little cuties are made of wires! I’m ill AGAIN. This will be the third time I got […]
15 January 2010

Project 365 (Year 2010): 14.01.2010

Location: Petaling Jaya When: After a family photo session. Note: My car savvy, techy hubby installed this camera in my truck so I can gauge better […]
3 January 2010

A little more about me…

1. My ex… … is still my friend. 2. Maybe I should… … stop worrying. Que sera sera? 3. I love… … scuba diving and definitely […]
31 December 2009

One for the road… (before 2010)

Right… 2009 is coming to an end very soon and it seems to be the time for reflection & what-not for almost everyone I know! Hahaha… […]
10 November 2009

It’s Our Second Wedding Anniversary!

Wow! SECOND anniversary already! How time flies! I had had major food poisoning throughout the night, totally forgotten about our anniversary. Was in & out of […]