11 April 2008

Travel: Pulau Weh Underwater (Day 1) l Banda Aceh l Indonesia

Upon arriving at Sabang Gapang Beach in one piece albeit a little pissed off with the logistic screw-ups, we decided to grab whatever sunlight remaining for […]
25 January 2008

I'm Thankful

Just caught in the moment… suddenly I’m having this overwhelming feeling of being thankful. For everything in my life… A dotting father (God bless his soul) […]
12 July 2007

Giant Frogfish

Photo © Asther Lau. All Rights Reserved. Ugly but at the same time Cute! More info @ Wikipedia or just Google it! Remember to subscribe to […]
20 April 2007

My First BIG Sell!

Yeah! My best earning so far from a photo taken in Redang last year. Sad part is… I’ve sold the rights to the photo, so can’t […]
26 March 2007

Travel: Lembeh & Bunaken Islands 2007 l Manado l Indonesia

Photos from Bunaken… Clownfish Pair John with his dear DSLR set-up Whip Coral Colony Reef full of anthias Krazie Angel Photos from Lembeh… Juvenile Flying Gurnard […]
26 November 2006

Travel: Liveaboard in the Andaman Sea – Nov 2006

Just returned from a wonderful dive trip in the Andaman Sea 2 weeks ago. Great dives, interesting new friends & scenic locations. The FANTASTIC FOUR. (From […]
24 October 2006

Dreamstime Recognition

© Photographer: Pufferfishy Agency: FINALLY! After more than 1 yr as a member in Dreamstime, they’ve accepted one of my work for the FREE IMAGE […]
11 October 2006

My Photo Online – About.Com

Yeah… Found one of my work being used for an educational site, About.Com. Click the image below for a larger view. Remember to subscribe to our […]