Celebrating Our 4th Wedding Anniversary…

8 November 2011
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17 November 2011

… with a SPLASH! 😀

As you’re reading this post, darling hubby & I are on a live-on-board dive cruise somewhere in Savu Sea, enjoying one of the many things that we love to do together that is scuba diving. 😉 We’ve been dreaming of exploring the underwater world around Komodo National Park for many many years and finally we can tick this off our bucket list! For the first time ever, we left Haley behind (in the care of my own mother) so that we can use this opportunity to be together & do some reflections on our life together.

Fourth year into a marriage life is still considered “young” by many, but to us, it’s one more year of achieving several new milestones together! As husband & wife, and as parents to our beautiful Haley. We started dating back in 2003, going through both highs & lows in our lives together. Living together & apart due to the nature of my previous career as a scuba diving instructress but managed to keep our relationship going although at times we almost call it quits. We’ve never really talked about getting married to each other. I guess it was due to the uncertainty of what we want in life as an individual and as a couple.

But one fine day we did! We got married! A simple, “Darling, I want to get married. To you…” with an even simpler reply, “Aaaarrr…” marked the beginning of the next stage in our life together. 😉 And when Haley came into our life, we feel almost complete. 🙂

Photo courtesy of Grace Tan (www.stories.my)

Photo courtesy of Grace Tan (2011)

Here’s an excerpt from an article I read recently which reminds me once again about how important it is to take time off from everything else & focus on just the two of us.

Gal Baras wrote:

“I bet your mind just filled with thoughts of “the children”, “my work commitments”, “that project I have to finish”, “how hard it is to get a babysitter nowadays” and various other seemingly-appropriate reasons for your romantic situation being what it is and why you should not be feeling too horrible about it. Besides, is this not what everyone experiences when they turn from a couple into parents?

Yes, they do, and yes, they all feel just as horrible as you do about it, but does that make it better?


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Hence, the reason why I took the courage to book this trip for our wedding anniversary celebration this year. This means both of us have to leave our precious little girl behind for so many days. I’m not sure how I’d fare by the time this post is published but I do know that both hubby & I need this “break” together. Our journey is an on-going one… and this is one journey I’m willing to walk through for a very long long time. Pray that God will bless our journey together & let it be filled with more love, happiness & adventures. 😉

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