Family/Birthday Studio Portraiture – Little Felix

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26 June 2018
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19 July 2018

It’s been a little quiet here lately because I’ve been quite tied up with many things to sort out daily. But I’m making time to write this blog post & share with your this happy studio photography session that I’ve had the privilege to share with a long-time client-friend.

This family photo session was over a year ago, when PJ Masks cartoon just got popular among the little ones. 😀 Mummy C made such a big effort sourcing out the costumes and Daddy D personally hand-made the special wall decor for the photo session. They did all the planning without his knowledge, wanting to surprise him on the day of the photo session.

Such dedication to their sweet little boy! Oh what a happy surprise it was for him!
Felix is a very lucky boy, and he truly deserves all the love he can get because he has so much to give too, with his chirpy personalities and a very big heart from such a little boy!

Please enjoy their little moments together with us. 🙂

So who’s also a PJ Masks fan! 😉