Event: Grass Racing Autosports – Round 4

Travel: Liveaboard in the Andaman Sea – Nov 2006
26 November 2006
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2007 to ALL!
18 December 2006
Ivan Khong, well-known for his DRIFT skill.

Darling Francis joint the GRA race last month, so I went there 2 hrs after I touched down from Alor Star, back from my Thailand dive trip. My first attempt in car racing photography. These shots were the first few shots I took from the race. I did much better the 2nd half of the day but didn’t have time convert the pics from RAW format yet. Will upload more photos on my website later.
Lots of LOTUS cars in this event.That’s darling Francis having the fun of his life.That’s Mike in his beloved Wira. Yup, Francis used his car to race as well.
I hope to improve my skills in this type of photography in the future. Pretty challenging & requires lots of trial & error.

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