Greetings From Switzerland!

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30 August 2012
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16 October 2012

Bonjour! Which means good morning in French. Why French you ask? My family & I are currently staying at my friends’ home in Lausanne, which is the French part of Switzerland which means most people here speak French. 🙂 They have the German & Italian parts in this country too but we’re pretty far from them.

This is the second or final part of our 2-weeks trip into Europe. First part was Rome and it was a really beautiful historical city. We were very lucky & privileged to be staying inside the Vatican City’s wall itself during our stay.

Both cities were so different in terms of culture, design & outlook and the people so it has been a pretty big eye opener for us. Good thing is we have friends in both places which means it is much easier for us to settle down with their help.

I hope to be sharing more photos from our trip once I return to Malaysia, but in the meantime, here are two sneak peaks first.

This view was taken INSIDE The Vatican City’s wall, which has a very restricted access to only the residences (that includes the Pope himself!) and the staffs working for The Vatican. So this is a RARE sight to behold!
The building with the dome is actually a part of St Peter’s Basilica, which is not visible to the public crowd or tourists.

A beautiful scenery greeted us as we arrived Lausanne in Switzerland.