Happy Father’s Day 2011!

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12 May 2011
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4 July 2011

Wow… it’s been more than a month since my last post. There are soooo many things I wana share here; my Australia trip, the baby posing workshop that I attended recently, and oh so many beautiful sessions I’ve documented recently with my beautiful beautiful clients. 🙂 But today… this post is kinda personal. It’s Father’s Day again. And this brings a kind of mixed feelings to me. Sad cos I’m still missing my dearest daddy oh so much. Happy cos my toddy girl has such a doting (and handsome) father. 😉

Come July, it’ll be 4 years since daddy left. He’s played a major part in my photography journey. He’s the one who gave me my very first DSLR in 2004 for my birthday. He’s the one who kept advising me to start my own business. “Don’t work for people if you can.” he always said. And so when I got pregnant, I realized I can no longer continue my freelance job as a scuba instructress. I was in a crossroad. I wasn’t sure what I should do in terms of my future career choice. I looked at what resources I had at that time. His advice kept ringing in my head. Every time I look at my camera, I remember my happy & important times with him. And every time that happens, a tiny tinge of regret will come along. I am still regretting that we do not have many photos taken together. Especially the years after I returned from Hawaii. Dad & I had a huge fight right before I left for my studies, and we were not in talking term for quite a long time. However, I’m thankful that we managed to re-kindle our father-daughter bond. 🙂 We started spending a lot of time together whenever I went home for a visit, or whenever he comes to West Malaysia to visit me. We talked a lot more over the phone, and every time before we hang up, he’ll say “Take Charge, girl. Daddy loves you.”

And finally, I took the courage to start building my photography business with what he had provided me. I decided to Take Charge. It wasn’t an easy journey for me. Cos I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have a business plan. I didn’t know the industry at all. It took me a lot of trials & error to find my way. But I love every minute of it. Cos of the challenges that taught me so much. Cos of the exhilarating achievement whenever I reached a goal. In most ways, I am like my father. He’s the one who taught me never to give up. He’s the one who told me that life is a journey to many roads. Travel well, travel with a heart, travel with determination and gain as much wisdom along the way.

So today, I’d like to thank my father. For without him, I won’t be who I am. For without him, I won’t be where I am. Thank you, Daddy………

I would also like to thank my darling husband, for being such a great daddy to our little Haley. For making her the happiest little girl in the world with his hugs & kisses and precious times spent. 🙂 She is growing up so fast and taking after you in a lot of ways. The way she loves anything related to cars, the way she likes snacking on nuts like you, the way she’s beginning to sit/lounge like you on the sofa (OH NO!). You can see how much she needs you and enjoys playing with you, learning from you. It’s tiring to keep up with her, but it’s all worth it right? 😉

Here are a few precious photos I took of our little girl for you on this Father’s Day. 🙂

Love that tie! :D

Love that tie! 😀

Daddys shoes are too big! :D

Daddy's shoes are so big! 😀

In daddys work uniform. :P

In daddy's work uniform. 😛

To ALL FATHERS out there,

Big and Tall
Large and small
Fathers everywhere
Who love and care.

On Father’s Day
Remember to say,
“I love you so”
I hope you know
You pass the test
You are the best.

~ Mrs Alphabet ~

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