Happy Father’s Day 2014

1 June 2014
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19 June 2014

This weekend almost throughout the world, families will be celebrating Father’s Day with their wonderful daddies & remembering those whom they’ve lost.

Although I write a lot on my Facebook Page on a daily basis, I always find myself out of words when it comes to writing a personal dedication to my own loved ones. Maybe cos there are just too much to say that I just don’t know where to start. Maybe cos I see my family everyday that at times I take things for granted & forget to verbally express my thoughts and love to them. Or maybe cos we’re at the stage that we know each other inside-out, so words are no longer necessary cos we know what we will say to each other even before we open our mouths to do so.

My new year resolution this year is to focus more on my family, for I have in a way “neglected” my relationship with them as I drowned myself into growing & managing my business in the past. So today is my husband’s turn. 🙂 For it IS Father’s day after-all!

Besides being my soul mate, my friend, my debate buddy, my pillar of strength and my lover, he has been a dedicated daddy to our little Haley for over 5 years now. He wasn’t perfect, just like I wasn’t perfect, but he has outdone himself in several occasions as a  father to our only child.

He is a much better teacher than I am to Haley. For he has the patience which I lack. No matter how busy he can be, he will never lost his temper or patience when it comes to educating Haley at home. He reads to her as often as he can, and encourages her to pick up words after words from the book without rushing her.

He pushes her to do better every time they spend time in the swimming pool, never once giving up in showing her the proper way to swim. By the way, he’s a really good swimmer and I find his swimming strokes sexy! 😉

He will let Haley sits on his shoulder whenever she got tired from our occasional long walks in the malls, even when he’s feeling tired himself.

He will patiently show Haley how to play her new toys, even if they are girly toys!

He will graciously help clean Haley up & prepare for bedtimes, although lately he’s not able to cos of his new job.

He even helped Haley master her coloring skills since she was just a very small toddler. Cos he’s a much better artist in that department than I am. 😛

There are just so many more things about how great he is as a father but that will take me the entire day listing them down here. So I’ll stop here for this round. He is very much loved by us & we thank the Almighty for taking care of our daddy when he is away from the family for work.

Asther Lau Photography

I miss my own daddy today too and praying that he continues to watch over us all from heaven.

Happy Father’s Day to all awesome daddies this weekend.

Your wife and child/dren love you to bits, even though you may seem so busy most of the time. They wish they can spend more quality time with you cos there is no other daddy than YOU!

“I’m a father; that’s what matters most. Nothing matters more.”
~ Gordon Brown