Happy Mother’s Day 2011 (Belated Post)

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15 March 2011
Happy Father’s Day 2011!
18 June 2011

April has been full of tough challenges for me. My daughter was sick twice in just 3 weeks, then things started to break down in the house. My mum was away for a much deserved 2-week long holiday, and by chance, hubby was sent outstation for a whole week for work assignment. So I was left alone at home to manage the household & my daughter. Needless to say, all these left me in a very sleep deprived state, exhausted both physical & mind. God only knows how thankful I was when my hubby finally came home, and a week later, my mum. Dealing with a sick child all alone was just not fun at all. If you’re a mother, you’ll know what I mean. 😉

I’ve been struggling with time management, especially for my work these past few weeks. The amount of backlog is piling up beyond controllable state, and I’m drowning. Clients are waiting for their images to be edited & delivered, whilst I had to peel myself away from my working hours to deal with the said unexpected situations. I had to pull extra hours after midnight so I can get some work done which pretty much made me a zombie after a few days. 😛

Well… things are starting to settle again, although not everything yet. As I’m typing this, my girl’s in the bedroom sleeping with a mild fever AGAIN. Just few days after she recovered from her cough & flu. I’m dumbfounded. What have I done wrong? She’s been sick 1 week, well 1 week, then sick another week, well just few days, then sick again???

Then I realized this IS the life of a mother who loves her child so much so that she’d do anything for her child. As I also realized I’ve not updated this blog for such a long time, I thought to myself, it’s time to just post something which is close to heart. Motherhood.

In the midst of all that had happened, I’ve forgotten my plan to post a Mother’s Day post! Then I told myself, Motherhood should be celebrated on a daily basis. Cos a mother’s job does not have a schedule. So here’s wishing all mothers (and mothers-to-be) a Blessed Mother’s Day 2011. Everyday… 😉

We as mothers will continue to be strong, tirelessly juggling between everything that is important in our lives, in our child’s life, in our family’s life. I’m lucky I have a strong network of mommy friends who are always there to support me, mostly emotionally. Even a short message of “Be Strong” or “You can do it!” or “Hugs” does an amazing effect of bringing back all the determination, strength & strong will to continue our battle in mommy-land. So I thank you, my friends. You know who you are… without you, I would probably have gone insane. 😉

Here are two photos I’ve taken during our recent Mother’s Day Mini Session. Both families belong to two of my dear supportive friends. 🙂 The designs of these Mother’s Day e-card were complimentary from The Coffee Shop Blog.

I’ll be on a solo trip to Australia next week, attending a baby posing workshop, as well as take some time off for my personal time. This will be my first, being away from my girl for more than a day. Not too sure how I’d fare, but I pray God will guide the way. Please please keep my baby safe, from any illness, any danger, both physical & mental. Oh I know I’m going to miss her like crazy. But I guess this is what I need to do for myself.

I may not be able to check my emails or do much work while I’m away, but am hoping to finish up a huge amount of work before I leave. Please pray that my Haley’s fever will be gone by morning, so I can continue my concentration on carrying on this work task.

Will try to update this blog again as soon I can. Maybe with some travel pics. I’ve got so many baby & pregnancy & family sessions to share here but I doubt I’d be able to do all, so if you’d like to see my latest work, check out my galleries or head on over to my Facebook Page for more frequent updates. 🙂

Till then, take good care & have a blessed May month!