How It's Been So Far…

26th March 2009
1 April 2009
More of Our Little Haley
17 April 2009
  • Haley’s got jaundice since 3-days old but doctors had done 2 blood tests & convinced us that there’s nothing to worry about as the bilirubin level is low, hence, her jaundice is considered mild. I’ve been told to stay off ginger if I’m breastfeeding as this’ll slow down Haley’s recovery.
  • I think I’ve got post-natal stress. Being in confinement isn’t helping with the stress but I’m trying to control it. I’ve been very tearful & annoyed with both my mum & mother-in-law with some of their ridiculous “confinement rules”. Thank God for darling who’s ever so understanding & supportive. And Haley’s presence do calm me down some what, especially when she looks at me with her big big eyes.
  • My breast milk is coming along better but I’m still mixing Haley’s diet with formula milk. Haley’s such a big baby that she gets hungry so much faster than many babies her age. I find drinking fresh milk & eating oatmeal helps with the milk production. Next, am going to look for red raspberry leaves tablets as was told it also helps with milk production. I was told by my doc that she had papaya leaves tea when she had her kids but she sed it’s a very bitter concoction, hence, I decided not to try it. Hehehe…
  • I’ve been thinking of daddy a lot. Everytime I look at Haley, her nose reminds me of daddy. I wonder if daddy’s spirit is with us & I hope he’s proud of his grand-daughter.
  • Haley’s been such a good girl, only crying when she has the tummy upset or is hungry. She’s such a good natured baby and I pray this’ll be her true nature forever. However, when she’s upset, she can be very impatient, especially when she’s HUNGRY!

I’ve been taking some pics of Haley recently and here are a few to share with you. Hope you like them as much as I enjoy taking them! I’m in love with our little girl more & more each day!

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