It’s Our Second Wedding Anniversary!

Toddler: Little Mikhail l Selangor l Malaysia
9 November 2009
Peak Season… I Think…
23 November 2009

Asther & Francis

Wow! SECOND anniversary already! How time flies! I had had major food poisoning throughout the night, totally forgotten about our anniversary. Was in & out of the toilet, and having excruciating stomach cramps until 6 a.m.

And darling was such a gem throughout. He held me when I was in pain. He helped with Haley when she woke up crying in the middle of the night. He even gave me his favorite pillow to hug & warm up my tummy!

I finally manage to fall asleep when dawn breaks. Darling had to wake up to go to work in the morning. I was having a fever & terrible headache then. He came to me, gave me a kiss & wished me Happy Anniversary. I was caught by surprise and broke down & cried. *grin* Well… What can I say? I was still in pain and I was emotionally very weak then. 😉

Darling… You’ve made me a very happy wife. And am looking forward to our future together with our Haley. 🙂 I Love You with all my heart & soul!

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