Travel: Liveaboard in the Andaman Sea – Nov 2006

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24 October 2006
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5 December 2006

Just returned from a wonderful dive trip in the Andaman Sea 2 weeks ago. Great dives, interesting new friends & scenic locations.

The FANTASTIC FOUR. (From left to right) Jeffrey, Me, Emily, Fiona.

During a stop at Chiang Loong to get some papers filled for our border crossing. We bought some duty-free alcohol too.

Don’t be fooled by the cheerful faces. We’re all running on adrenaline rush cos lack of sleep due to the early wake-up call for our flight to Alor Star.

After a 1hr ride to Hatyai, we went for a terrific PORK SPARE-PARTS soup & BARBECUED PORK – Thailand style, of course. They came in big -pieces!

After lunch, we had more than 2hrs to spare, hence, we decided to go for a 2hrs Thai massage. That’s Emily under extreme “torture”.

Somehow, the time passed by so fast… After the massa
ge session, we decided to chill at Sakuri Hotel’s cafe lounge for half hour. Read some local newspapers while sipping a cup of coffee.

At last… the long 3 1/2 hrs drive to Trang pier. I wish the travelling didn’t need to be so long & tiring.

We finally get to dive the next 3 days. Here are some pics taken from my dives. Lots of nudibranches! I’m in heaven again… Hahaha… This is of a Halgerda species but I can’t ID it specifically yet.

I’ll try to get some ID confirmation from The Sea Slug Forum later.

Another beautiful nudibranch. A juvenile Risbescia pulchella.
I’m having difficulties trying to position my bulky strobe without getting shadows in my macro photos. Darn…
Lots of scorpion fishes in the Andaman Sea. One has to be careful not to touch the reef for fear of touching these poisonous fish accidentally.

Well, better not touch the reef unnecessarily to avoid causing damages to our beautiful coral reefs.

Most of the dive sites are filled with school of small fries. This signified the richness of Thai waters. It makes me wonder why the hell do the Thai fishermen need to come into our Malaysia waters illegally & catch OUR FISHES???

Ah well… lots more pics later in my website. More pics from Amazonman. I’ll definitely return to the Andaman Sea again in the near future. Hopefully…

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