Travel: Lembeh & Bunaken Islands 2007 l Manado l Indonesia

Eve of 30…
26 March 2007
My First BIG Sell!
20 April 2007

Photos from Bunaken…

Clownfish Pair

John with his dear DSLR set-up

Whip Coral Colony

Reef full of anthias

Krazie Angel

Photos from Lembeh…

Juvenile Flying Gurnard

Bobtail Squid

Painted Frogfish

Hairy Frogfish


Unidentified fish hiding in an abandoned tubeworm shell

Coconut Octopus


Flamboyant Cuttlefish Feeding

Juvenile Lacey Scorpionfish


Coral Prawn – related to the Western King Prawn

Black Hairy Frogfish

Painted Frogfish

Clown Frogfish

Solar Nudi

Ambon Scorpionfish

Flying Gurnard

Juvenile Starry Toadfish

Related to Plumed Shrimp

Painted Frogfish

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