Memories of 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2007 to ALL!
18 December 2006
Nature: Butterflies l Butterfly Garden l Kuala Lumpur l Malaysia
11 February 2007
It’s that time of the year again… when everyone is preparing for the festive season of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

I start to feel all warm inside every time I watch a Christmas movie on the TV , or went walking around in shopping malls beautifully decorated with variety of colors & crafts , or when I hear Christmas songs being played all around me. Sigh… I can’t help but to start thinking of all the wonderful memoriesI’ve had this year, and some bad ones too.

I have many wonderful stuffs that I thank God for blessing me with:

  1. My whole family got together (yup, all the uncles, aunties & cousins) after more than 10 yrs apart during Chinese New Year
  2. Another wonderful year of being with darling Francis & his family (I miss his brother’s family now staying in the U.S)
  3. Strengthen friendship with dear old friends & blessed new ones I was fortunate enough to meet this year. (You know who u are, DEAR BELOVED FRIENDS! )
  4. New places I’ve visited such as diving at Phuket & Bali twice then Miri, including a family all-women trip to Siem Reap with mum, aunty Cecelia & cousin Claudia.
  5. Wonderful times with my other “family” in Layang-Layang this year & the many new things I saw there!
  6. I passed ALL my modules in my MBA!
  7. My flat-screen monitor, Canon 30D camera & Speedlite 580EX, L200 Mitsubishi truck, Mosquito dive computer, Seacsub BCD, Mares BCD, Mares regulator, 1 wetsuit, excellent Gull fins & many more! (My heartfelt gratitude to my daddy, darling Francis & friends!)
  8. Wonderful times during dinners & outings with friends & families
  9. The expansion of my website with new photo albums & dive trips calendar
  10. Improvement of my photography skills.

There were heartaches & loses this year which I wish could have been avoided. But no one can avoid God’s will, that I know. I lift these sad memories to HIM for support & guidance and I thank HIM for having giving me loving families & friends as well as useful resources to go through those hard times.

I will cherish the lost with wonderful memories & humble prayers & take in the regrets; turn them into lessons for a better future.

I’m sorry if I’ve done things which caused pain & anger to anyone I know. I didn’t mean it… Honest…

I pray for health, success & happiness for everyone in my life this coming 2007. Especially for:

  1. Daddy’s upcoming angiogram in January 2007
  2. My brother’s quest to find himself & achieve well in my dad’s company
  3. My mum’s constant strength to fight against her old illness
  4. Darling Francis’ future in his company
  5. My MBA Dissertation which will decide on my graduation next year
  6. My quest to find myself & build a career of my own
  7. Constant love & support for my newly wedded friends. May they have healthy babies soon!
  8. More new places to visit & dive with my friends
  9. Constant food & clothings, and other blessings of bonuses.
  10. World Peace Hehehe…
Here’s to

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