…Missing You Still…

…My Love…
20 July 2011
Happy Birthday, Darh-Ling!
3 August 2011

I’ve to admit that I’ve totally forgotten about yesterday. 4 years ago yesterday, daddy left us for the Lord. I think about him constantly. But much lesser on the saddening notes. More on the beautiful happy memories I had of him. And I constantly wonder what if… what if he’s still around, will he be spoiling Haley with showers of gifts & hugs & love? What if he’s still around, will he be proud of what I’ve achieved here? What if he’s still around, will we be going on more family trips together, traveling the world over? What if… lots of them… and my imagination will wonder towards many happy answers & scenarios. 🙂 Yeah… What if…

Yesterday, I was out chauffeuring & spending time with mum & some very close family friends who came to visit from Kuching. These are friends whom we’ve known since I was still a little girl. Friends who’ve been there during the happy & sad times in our family. We enjoyed ourselves, shopping & eating & chit-chatting. Sometimes we talked about the old times, and daddy was in the conversation. But not once did we remember that it was daddy’s 4th year of passing. And I guess we were just thinking of happy stuffs about him, with him. And I truly believe that means a lot more than anything else at this stage.

Anthony Lau Lee Siong

I miss you, daddy. Oh I will be until the Lord brings us together again. I Love You Forever, Daddy.

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