My Mom

A Mother’s Hope
30 April 2014
1 June 2014

Asther Lau Photography

This is my mum.

She is turning 60 this June. She is a Systemic lupus erythematosus survivor for about 30 years now. When she got diagnosed with the illness, doctor gave her 6 months to live. But she fought really hard with God’s blessings and I’m glad she did.

She loves cooking, exploring new countries, gardening and doing tai-chi as a form of keeping healthy. She loves eating cakes, especially rich buttermilk cakes. Well, she is a foodie so she basically enjoys any kind of food pretty well.

She can sing and dance pretty well too!

She came to live with me in Selangor since I announced my pregnancy with Haley. She took care of me so well during my pregnancy & I’m thankful for this blessings showered upon me. She is now helping us taking care of our little girl, Haley, when I have to handle my shoots & manage my business from home. She still misses our home in Kuching, so she gets to go back for holiday once a month or two.

I took this photo of her today while she was cooking our dinner. She was posing for Haley, who was taking her grandma’s photos with her own camera.

I realized I’ve never documented much of her daily moments, while she’s staying under my roof. Ironic isn’t it? So I hope this will be the first of many photos of my beloved mom, doing her favorite things and expressing her many emotions on a daily basis.

We drive each other up the walls all the time. But we love each other in our own ways too. Without her, I won’t be here today. Literary true. 😉

She’s my cheerleader whenever I wanted to do something ambitious. When I failed, she’ll be there to encourage me to try again. When I succeeded, she’ll be the proudest mother in the whole wide world. She shares my worries, although most times they’re really not hers to worry about. She shares my happiness when I am happy. Which reminds me, I should stay focused on being happy and taking a good care of my own health.

I hope I will be a good mother to Haley, like how my mum has been to me, if not better. There are still so many things to learn about parenthood, even my mum is still learning at her age. But with us all working as a team, I know we will pass with flying colors on judgment day.

Finally, here’s our very first “wefie” to commemorate this coming Mother’s Day 2014. 🙂