My Mum…

30 April 2015
Happy Mother’s Day 2015
10 May 2015
Asther Lau Photography

Photo taken during our family’s Chinese New Year get-together this year.

Here’s mum with her three precious grand-daughters.Her dedication to them reminds me of my own maternal grandmother’s love for me. When I was very small, she took care of my while my parents had to work to make a living.

I remembered her to be a very soft spoken, little lady. She only spoke one language (Hakka) while I only know other dialects. So we communicated via Mandarin and simple sign languages. She was a very patient grandma. Never once raised her voice at me, perhaps because I was told that I was a very good little girl. 😛

She fed me my favorite food and kept a very beautiful orchid garden at her front yard, which used to be my favorite hang-out place.

When I got older and we had to move further away due to dad’s job, we only got to visit her once a year during Chinese New Year. Every time I visited her, she will keep me in her arms. Hugging me and holding my hands as much as possible.

One day she got too old and ill, and maybe it was luck that I was back in hometown. I camped by her hospital bed the entire night, holding her hands. She was struggling in her sleep, and there’s nothing the doctor would do for her anymore. I prayed so hard for a peaceful night for her.

My parents decided to have her transferred to a private hospital for a better care, and immediately she was given drugs to manage her pain and discomfort. Later that day, she left us peacefully.

I don’t have many photos of her taken with me, but I will always remember her sweet, soft smiling face. Her long, thin grey hair, and her trembling but loving hands.

She was and will always be the only grandmother that I treasure, and I pray that my mum will be the same for Haley.