My Website Got Hacked!

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27 February 2012
Greetings From Switzerland!
29 September 2012

Dear readers & followers of ALP’s weblog, as some of you may have known recently that this weblog encountered a pretty nasty hacking activities. THREE times over the length of 1 week period! One of the main damages were the deletion of a few latest posts since dated from March 2012. These posts took me a lot of time, effort & heart to write & share but sadly, it’s all gone now. Backups were not done in time before those horrible hackers came & took the posts off. 🙁

Anyway, good thing is the website is pretty much still intact now after restoration was done and we’re in the midst of refining the website in both layout & contents. We will update everyone again once the process is done and announce some pretty awesome new stuffs over here at the weblog. 🙂

Meanwhile, here are just a few images for now.

Baby A in the Tender moment

Baby K in her Golden Sun moment

Baby S in her Happy moment

We will be very busy with Bloom Workshops coming Friday & Saturday, followed by a long series of editing marathon to catch up on the many backlogs caused by the constant falling sick situation in my household which includes myself. So do bear with me and as always, I promise I’ll do my best.