Newborn Portraits ♥ Baby Finley.

Newborn Portraits ♥ Twins Jun Yang & Jun Yi
12 July 2019
Petaling Jaya Family Portraits ♥ A&R Family.
11 August 2019

Mummy K contacted me to arrange for a newborn session for her first born, few months ahead before she delivers. Arrangement was made to have the session in their home. I was very glad to find their home spacious with a lot of nice natural light.

They requested for clean white, pastel setups. So I came will luggage filled with the preferred colors. Baby F was born right before Christmas, so I wanted to incorporate some festive elements into one of the setup too.

Baby F was awake and curious when he came out from the room after a full feed. He wanted his pacifier, so we gave him just that to settle himself down. I decided to start the session with some details shots and he gave me a lot of expressions, including the ones of him with his pacifier. I still smile whenever I looked at those images. So much characters in such a small person! He settled done after a while and we managed quite a number of shots in variety of setups and styling.

I enjoyed the session so much cos he was such a good little baby, and we had lots of chit chats with mummy & daddy. Blessed to be a part of this little family’s moment. Time flies and it’s nice to be able to reflect back on these beautiful memories.