Newborn Portraits ♥ Baby Elizabeth

Baby Portraiture – Little Aradhia
19 November 2018
Newborn Portraits ♥ Baby Olivia
30 November 2018
Baby E spent her first few weeks in this world at Gina’s Place : The Breastfeeding Postnatal Centre together with her mummy, while her daddy & elder brother would come visit them during the day to spend time as a family.
We were introduced by Gina & Daphne (whom I’ve the honor to call friends and comrades) and I was given the trust to photograph Baby E’s first ever newborn & family portraits.
This little girl was such a gem, ever so calm and gracious with her smiles. Mummy A was clucking all the way throughout the session, sighing excitedly whenever we took out new attires or setups for a variety of looks.
Big brother wasn’t too sure about being in-front of the camera, but their parents were so patience & their willingness to play along with the children’s mood paid off in the end, with a very honest beautiful family portrait of them to keep.
I hope these images will be timeless & treasured forever by this wonderful family.