Newborn Portraits – Baby Wison

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2 May 2018
Newborn Portraits – Baby Jacob
1 June 2018

Mummy E got her sister to contact us to enquire about our newborn photography packages because she just gave birth to her new baby boy. Luck had it that we have an opening in our newborn shoot schedule for that month which fits the time frame needed for a newborn photography session to be done (within 2-weeks from birth) for her baby.

The booking process was swiftly done in within 4 days and we finally met Baby Wison with her lovely, soft spoken mummy at their home in Kuala Lumpur. Daddy unfortunately couldn’t make it for the photo session as he had to attend some work matters urgently.

For a 2-week young baby, Baby Wison was an absolute super star. He didn’t cry nor fuss at all. He was so calm and only needed one feed towards the final leg of the photo session. We went about their little cozy home & used any corner that has suitable lighting condition for us to create a variety of shots with Baby Wison. The result of his newborn photos were amazing & mummy also purchased our Creative Edit package to add into their collection of precious newborn photos.

Thankful for such wonderful experience & the honor to be working with little Wison. I do love my job!