Newborn Twins Portraits – Aadam & Aaleph

Celebrating 10th Wedding Anniversary – The Yap’s Family
19 July 2018
Newborn Portraiture at the Studio – Baby Alven
27 August 2018

We received a surprised phone call from Kimporo Confinement Retreat Center & was invited to be Mummy DS Zizie’s newborn photographer for her precious twins.
We are truly honored to be given such a privilege to hold, cuddle & photograph this pair of miracles.

Each of the boy has their own character & demeanor, even at the tender age of 3 weeks young. We were predicting that Aadam may have the talent of a professional model, whilst Aaleph will be more outspoken hence he may lean towards professional acting when he grows up. Just like their super talented mummy! Mummy DS Zizie was so down-to-earth & beautiful. We truly enjoyed our time spent together.

These miracles are a result of years of trying & waiting.
Conceived naturally & with a smooth pregnancy, Aadam & Aaleph finally came into our world fulfilling many hearts with love & happiness.

Thank you for being so good to Aunty Asther, Aunty Belinda & Aunty Jessie, boys! Can’t wait to play with you both again!