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4 August 2015
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21 August 2015

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for us in the household. It’s the day our Little Haley has her first baby tooth extracted.

It was a really tough decision for us. Her first permanent tooth appeared a few weeks ago while all her baby teeth were still in tip top condition. Upon visits to the dentist, we finally made the hard decision to have the baby tooth removed in order to give way for the new tooth to grow properly.

The process wasn’t easy. Haley’s a very kind, sensitive soul and she doesn’t handle pain and violence very well. She gets very upset even while watching cute cartoon characters arguing with each other.

So we dreaded for the time when the dentist needed to give her an injection to numb the bottom part of her mouth before the extraction process begins. Days towards the procedure, we prep her with lots of talks and advice and stories to boost her confidence.

So she cried so hard when she had the needle stuck inside her lip. And she cried so hard again when the dentist had to use a lot of force to pull out her very firm baby tooth. But she didn’t retaliate. She didn’t push the dentist hands away. She didn’t scream. She didn’t kick up a big fuss.

Instead, she just cried. Cos we told her it’s okay to cry. And she stayed put in the chair until the entire process is done. I had to give her cuddles in between the shot and the extraction, waiting for the numbness to take effect. That helped a lot. But she didn’t call it quits halfway. She was brave. She was afraid but she stayed strong & brave till the end.

I broke into pieces inside me yesterday, standing next to my daughter, holding her hand throughout the procedure. I held back my tears, but I cried inside. I have to admit that I wasn’t ready to let her baby tooth go, but I have to cos it’s for the better.

And so after lots of cuddles and some silly wefies to cheer her up, we headed home, with her extracted baby tooth in a little plastic bag.

She wrote a letter to the tooth-fairy. She was very proud of herself for being so brave, and not running out of the room that day. She went to bed without a fuss, had a little nightmare cos she was whimpering in her sleep. But I made sure I was there right next to her.

This morning she woke up all cheerful and happy again. And the little tooth fairy left her a wonderful gift in exchange for her little tooth. She was very happy indeed.

Asther Lau Photography

Showing off her first pearly whites (February 2010)

I dug out a photo of her first pearly teeth which I took back in 2010 (luckily I did that!) and decided to write this post as a way for me to remember this milestone. It’ll also help as a closure for me too. Yeah… I’m emotional that way. I already miss her perfect smile (cos she did have a perfect set of baby teeth that I am very proud of) but I know she needs this as part of her growing up journey.

Yesterday she learned on how to be brave. Today she learns to move on forward without her first baby tooth, but with her new permanent tooth growing.

So here’s to Haley’s first baby tooth…

Asther Lau Photography

All smiles again with her first baby tooth missing (August 2015)