Ooh Baby: Little Myra l Selangor l Malaysia

Toddler: Little Gwen l Kuching l Sarawak l Malaysia
1 November 2010
Bump to Pop!: Salvin + Helen = Maximus
29 November 2010

Remember ALP’s birthday contest earlier this year? The winner, Daddy M has finally contacted me & confirmed a date for their free photo session with me. He wanted this session especially to capture his little girl’s precious moments before she turns to toddler-hood.

The sky was kinda cloudy when we first set out but we’re lucky that Mister Sun was in the mood of playing hide-and-seek with us, so we had fun “chasing” the sun around the park.

Daddy M came prepared with an impressive collection of props for the session. He even brought a trolley along to transport everything during our stroll in the park. Talk about efficiency! 😉 I finally get to meet the pretty Mommy M, who’s been breastfeeding their little girl exclusively since day 1. She doesn’t talk much but she sure smiles a lot. 😀

Without further ado… please meet Little Myra! She’s such a sweet little girl, ain’t she? She has this cute little love for her little tongue. Super cute, I tell ya!

Big Cute Smile! *heart melts*

Heart melting big cute smile!

M for Myra!

"M" for Myra!


Myra and her tongue. 😛

Going for a little ride!

Going for a little ride!

Some of the favorite books.

Some of her favorite books. It's never too early to start your lil' ones with books.



And here are some precious moments with Mommy M & Daddy M!

Sweet Kisses!

Sweet Kisses!



You can see how much love Daddy M has for his lil girl!

You can see how much love Daddy M has for his lil' girl!

And Mommy M has this soft-tender aura around her when shes with her baby.

And Mommy M has this soft-tender sweet aura around her when she's with her baby.

Happy family always makes me all warm inside!

Happy family always makes me all warm inside!

Myra and her cute little tongue! Hehehe...

Myra and her cute little tongue! Hehehe...

Getting all excited on the playground.

Getting all excited on the playground.

Heres with one of Daddy Ms props.

Here's with one of Daddy M's props.

The session was filled with so much fun that Little Myra got too tired & fell into slumber-land.

Feeling safe in daddy & mommys arms.

Feeling safe in daddy & mommy's arms.

How could I resist a sleeping babys moment?

How could I resist a sleeping baby's moment?

If you have the time, do hop over to Daddy M’s blog cos I personally think it’s a really great daddy-blog I’ve ever stumbled upon. There you can read about their adventures from pregnancy to the birth of Little Myra, on how Myra’s growing & their life as a family.  He even wrote a special testimonial post for ALP recently. 😉 Read more at Mollycoddle. 😉

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog a lot lately and I can’t help it at the moment. Life’s been filled with lots of shoots which inevitably resulted to mountains of editing work. Well… as what my uncle told me recently, this is a good problem to have and I do agree.  This means there is income coming into the household, so I shouldn’t complain. Although I do find it tough to manage my time especially when there’s only 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and a huge part of it is also given to my other role as a mother, a wife and a daughter. I’m trying my best… my very best… and I’ve to constantly remind myself on which is the main priority in life. My health, my family and then my passion.

And I constantly thank God for providing & giving me what I have now. I am also thankful to YOU who are my friends, my clients and my fans. Cos YOU do play a huge part in keeping me going, doing what I’m doing now. For the love of the people around me. For the love of life itself. So THANK YOU. And come back soon to visit and I’ll try my best to share with you more happy moments here. Till then, have a great day with your family & friends.

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