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16 January 2012
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27 February 2012

I love kids. From their stinky heads to their inquisitive minds – they are little creatures who keep me on my toes and fill up my day with wonderment. Never thought that one day I’d have three kids of my own and definitely did not think I would have survived 😉 Now I can’t imagine my life without them.

Finding out that we were expecting our 3rd baby, my first thought was “Oh boy, what if we’re having twins?” Seeing my grandmother had twins and my husband himself is a twin, it was quite a possibility. Honestly, I had mixed feelings (more towards relief) when we saw Yaya (as she is so fondly called) turned out to be a singleton 😉

Recently, Asther had the privilege to shoot a set of twins – Jayron and Jayden. They are twin boys and are the 2nd and 3rd addition to their family. This was also Asther’s 2nd twin newborn boys session 🙂

Now, J & J’s parents were pretty thrilled with their second pregnancy and much to their surprise, they found out that they’re having not one but two new additions to their family! The doting parents then planned and prepared for their journey with a happy and open heart. 🙂

Twins Jayden & Jayron - 2011

J & J

Big brother Jayron was calm and mostly sleeping throughout the shoot, whereas little brother Jayden was a bit more wriggly and active. Photographing twins can be tricky such as this case when 1 twin is more awake than the other, making it challenging in posing them together.

Twins Jayden & Jayron - 2011

Brother Jayden all wide awake

Twins Jayden & Jayron - 2011

Little Jayden enjoying his solo session 😉

Twins Jayden & Jayron - 2011

Little Jayron still in his deep slumber

Asther will be photographing them again for their 6 months portrait and she is looking forward to it! 😀

Twins Jayden & Jayron - 2011

Two precious bubs with their loving parents ♥

We would like to thank Julie for helping out that day 😉

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Hope all our wonderful clients and friends are enjoying the first two months of 2012 in between festivities and celebrations! (Our tummies probably enjoyed all the good food too! ;))

Til next time, toodles!



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