Creative Edit by ALP

If you’re looking to have that extra special look or setup for your newborn portrait, this addon package is for you.

Due to the limitation of location suitability, or the limited number of props we currently have, or the safety concerns when trying to achieve a certain look/pose, this special edit package will be the solution for those who wish to have their newborn portrait done in a certain style/setup.

We have a growing list of digital backgrounds, which can be chosen upon purchase of this package. Once a specific digital background is chosen, Asther will plan for the newborn session to include an image that will be incorporated into the chosen digital background as part of the newborn gallery.

This package can be purchased as an add-on package to your existing purchase from ALP. Or it can also be purchased as a standalone if you already have a suitable** existing image to be used for this special type of editing.

** If you have an existing image that you’d like to use for this special edit package, please send the sample image to us first to ensure that the image quality and setup is suitable for such editing work.

If you are planning to have another photographer do your upcoming newborn session, but would like to purchase this creative edit to include into your newborn gallery, we require to be in contact with your photographer so that we can teach/give the photographer our requirements for the image creation in order to ensure that the image he/she will take is going to be suitable for the creative edit.


If the existing newborn photo comes from another photographer other than Asther, client needs to get own photographer to discuss with Asther on how to shoot for digital background editing.

Creative editing is only done without any other special alterations on the existing photo; hence, special requests to edit the image will not be under Asther's jurisdiction.

The photographer who owns the copyright of the existing photo needs to give full permission to Asther prior to the start of the creative editing work.The photographer can do this via an email or a courtesy letter.

Asther is not liable for any alterations that may take place over the given photo specifically for the creative edit job.

Client is responsible on communicating any special requests (provided can be achieved by Asther) prior to the start of the creative editing work, otherwise any further requests to re-alter the edited work will incur surcharge.

** Delivery of print is not included. Client will need to arrange self-pickup or bear the costs of delivery which may vary depending of location. Poslaju/Postal delivery is not recommended due to the fragile state of the glass material used for the print frame.

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