Peak Season… I Think…

It’s Our Second Wedding Anniversary!
10 November 2009
Little Aden’s Mommy
26 November 2009

Hello again!

This post is just a heads-up to my dearest readers & clients that I’ll be posting less for the months of November and December because I THINK I’m currently caught in the so-called peak season for wedding photographers. Well don’t get me all wrong here… I don’t do much weddings nowadays but I do take in a few just for erm… how shall I put it? For a change, for fun, to improve my skills, to meet & work with more new people and the list goes on! 😛

My calendar is 90% booked till the end of the year with many more sessions with cutie pies as well as families and some weddings. I’ve also reserved a week off for a family vacation. And in between, I’m clicking away like mad, doing editing work on many more new photo sessions taken recently. Here’s a few teasers so you know what’s currently in my editing agenda:

My 2010 calendar is filling up too with many more exciting photo shoots so I better get going with the works before new year comes! 😛 I’ll be posting short messages on Twitter just to keep y’all updated from time to time. 😉

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