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One Lily Sunday
26 October 2009
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9 November 2009

Hello my dearest readers!

I have been taking care of my lil’ Haley for the past week all by myself since my own mother took a 3-week holiday for some travel & personal time. Throughout this whole week, I have been a fulltime mother, a part-time photographer and (sad to say) a part-time wife to my hubby & a part-time friend to my friends out there.

Haley has just turned 7-month old and has already mastered her crawling skill recently. She is an explorer, crawling here & there and very recently, even trying to climb over obstacles all by herself! She has even learnt on how to stand up on her two little feet by pulling herself up by the sofa & other tall things that she can get to. Sigh… this has indeed kept me on my toes, even during the night as Haley still wakes up crying at times for no apparent reason. Maybe it’s a nightmare, I just do not know. Ah well…

This post will be a little different and I’m planning to make it a frequent-like, aiming to help us mothers (and fathers & helpers alike) when it comes to understanding our babies/toddlers/children. I am encouraging participation from you readers out there in order to make this post more interesting. This is a poll post whereby contribution to answers will help us gather more information & also help us understand on each topic I will be posting on from time to time. I will be applying polls to photography related topics in the near future as well, so stay tuned! 😀

So let’s proceed to this week’s poll topic – Neonatal Jaundice.

My Little Haley was diagnosed with a mild case of neonatal jaundice 2 days after birth. We were in the process of establishing breastfeeding skill & pattern, waiting anxiously for my milk to come so my pool little Haley will have more to feed her ever growing hunger. Doctor had a blood test done and we were told that it was a mild case, hence there’s nothing we should do except maybe feed her water & increase breastfeeding frequency.

Okay… now something funny happened during her period of recovery. My mother decided to put Haley under the morning sun to help her recover faster so she & my mother-in-law brought Haley down to the swimmin pool area every morning for the “sun-ning” hour of 8 a.m. for about half hour. Then one fine day, my mother decided that the half-hour “sun-ning” is not enough, so she put my little Haley next to our balcony which lets in plenty of sun for the rest of the morning. I was still healing from my C-Section so I normally sleep in till near noon time. When I woke up & saw my baby was turning red like a lobster, I told my mom to stop doing that to my poor little girl. And yup! My Haley had had a tan at the tender age of less than a week old thanx to her dotting grandma! 😛

Go on now… click away & leave a comment if you can. 🙂

Thank you heaps! 😉

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