Poll: Your Baby & Teething

Project 365 (Year 2010): 10.02.2010
10 February 2010
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12 February 2010

Our little Haley has finally gotten her new little teeth! We’re thankful that she didn’t suffer from fever or anything serious except diarrhea for 2 days. During that period, she couldn’t hold down too much solids as well so we had to feed her smaller amounts more frequently. She’d throw up after taking half of the quantity of which we normally fed her, but other than that, she’s still a happy & active little girl. 🙂

So today is another poll day regarding teething in infants/babies. Let’s see what’s the most common symptoms of teething and what other weird symptoms that might have happened to your babies. Let’s share again, mommies & daddies! 😀

[polldaddy poll=2685603]

More info on teething babies:

@ Teething Tots , @ Teething-Teeth.Com , @ emedicinehealth

As for today’s Project 365, this is what I first captured…

Cheeky Face!

"Cheeky Face!"

… when I asked my lil’ girl to show her little teeth. I was making this “eeeee” sound for her and she took it as me asking her to make a cheeky face expression!

And finally…

Pearly Whites!

"Pearly Whites!"

… a photo showing off her two new pearly whites! 😀

That is all for today. ALP is in a midst of planning out a birthday giveaway surprise to ALP fans & blog readers sometime soon so do come back or stay tuned! 🙂

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