Poll: Your Baby & The Knock on the Head

Project 365 (Year 2010): 04.01.2010
4 January 2010
Project 365 (Year 2010): 05.01.2010
5 January 2010

Our Little Haley had had a fall recently & hit the back of her head hard onto the tiled floor. 🙁 And as expected, she cried real hard so we carried & held her to calm her down. I was trying to look for abnormal behavior or signs which may be symptoms of a bad concussion but she looked okay to me despite the red & heavily teared face. This happened when she’s about to go to bed. We gave her the night feed as usual and she drank them all. She however required us to carry her until she fell asleep that night.

She slept for half an hour before waking up crying, so we had to console her by carrying her again. She managed to fall asleep finally, but will not let my mum out of her sight, so mum had to lie down next to her until she fell deep asleep. I found a bump behind her head & didn’t dare to rub on it for fear of causing more pain to her.

Later on, darling hubby asked if we rubbed gently on the affected area immediately after the fall. His reasoning was that it’ll help by diminishing the rise of the bump. I was surprised by this new discovery hence this blog post today. So here’s calling out to mommies & daddies out there to share your experience which may be similar to ours here.

Here’s another poll to make it easier to share. Please do no hesitate to share more detail in the comment box below cos we (the other mommies & daddies out there) may find your information very useful indeed! Thank you! 😀

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Here are a few links which I find very informative regarding handling with head injury & such on babies.

The Royal Children Hospital, Melbourne



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