Newborn Portraits ♥ Baby Olivia

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25 November 2018
Newborn Portraits ♥ Baby Alissa
12 December 2018

Baby Olivia’s daddy contacted me when she was about a week young. She was staying at Kimporo confinement center with her mummy then.

Daddy Leo asked me about my newborn photography service so I explained to him about what to expect when booking is done after baby is already born.Due to the small window time frame for us to plan, prepare and set the date for the photo session, we communicated through the phone and emails in within a few days. He was very patience & trusting throughout the entire communication process.

After I explained to him about my newborn photography service, Daddy L & Mummy F decided to purchase our Felicity Package & Creative Edit package as an add-on.

We were very lucky that I could squeeze in a session for them before Baby Olivia turns 2 weeks of age. She was awake when we first met, but after I gently wrapped up for the first setup, she fell asleep soon after.

Since the Felicity Package allows for unlimited setup, we tried as many styling and poses as we possibly can. Baby Olivia was so calm and relaxed that day, allowing me to work with her to my heart’s content.

Both mummy & daddy were so patience with us throughout the 3.5 hrs session at the confinement center. With such a wonderful team work, we ended the session with this beautiful set of images for them to keep forever.

I am looking forward to meeting them again in 2019 for Baby Olivia’s next milestone portraits.